Our Family Up Close

The audio and video clips below should give you a good glimpse into our crazy family.


Most days we come together as a family to read the Bible, pray, worship, prophecy, dance, etc. We call these times Family Fascination because we seek to set our eyes on Jesus and be fascinated by Him. Included in the playlist below are raw songs we’ve made up as a family and conversations we’ve had. If you want a much deeper glimpse into our family, this playlist is the place to be.



Richee has several teachings on the Daniel Training Network website as part of their Online Resource Center. Below are links to each of those teachings if you would like to listen and check out his notes.

Depravity Exposed – Richee’s Testimony


Fasting Logistics

Remembrance of God

Kingdom Vision Unto Mision


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Working in my office next door, I could hear my girl getting her worship jam on & couldn't resist trying to secretly capture some of it. #eliana #singit #danceit

Prayer & worship time had been scarce the last few days, so decided to do an impromptu family devo time. I asked Arden to pick any verse for our Christmas Day devotions. He randomly picked & said Psalm 119:36 out of thin air - "Turn my heart to Your decrees and not to material gain." What a verse to pick on Christmas Day. 🙂 His decrees are meant to set our hope fully on the Promise He has given to restore all things, that we do not anchor our life now in this age. Here's a glimpse of our time of prayer & worship.

Merry Christmas Eve from our family to yours #nerfwar #candlelightservice

Ship coming through! 1006 feet



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